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Welcome to Gabriel le Roux's pages about aviation in South Africa. I trust you will enjoy reading the articles and looking at the images in this website!

I lived in the Cape Peninsula until 1979, lived in Durban for two years and then moved to the Witwatersrand (now part of Gauteng). From January 1974 to August 1979 I spent most of my time at DF Malan Airport (ICAO code FACT) and visited Rand Airport (ICAO code FAGM), Lanseria Airport (ICAO code FALA) and Jan Smuts Airport (ICAO code FAJS) on a few occasions. I did very little aviation photography during July 1974 to June 1975, when I did my National Service in the South African Defence Force.
Before I had my own car, I used to travel by train to Cape Town and by South African Airways bus to FACT. (In those days SAA provided its own bus service to transport passengers between Cape Town and the airport.) Generally, I would spend some time at the domestic-terminal building and then walk to the general-aviation area and return to the terminal building. I bought a car in the same year that I moved to Durban.
Like most of my contemporaries, I started taking photographs with an Instamatic camera. As I used an 8-mm movie camera before switching over to 35-mm SLR equipment on 3 October 1976, I do not have my own slides and negatives of the numerous South African Air Force open days and Aviation Africa International exhibition that took place in 1975.
My first visit to DF Malan Airport was on 26 January 1974. An interesting aircraft I saw on that day was Beagle B121 Pup 150 construction number 055. The aircraft had its first flight on 14 May 1969 and was delivered on 6 June 1969 to Swedair as SE-FGT. It became ZS-IZO in August 1974.
On this website the South African aviation scene is covered in historical articles about airliners, airshows, aviation events, airport and airfield visits as well as aviation activities in specific geographical areas. There are also articles about the aircraft of different manufacturers. There is a gallery section with images as well. Civil as well as military aviation is featured.
The South African aviation scene during 1974
In this article the aviation scene at DF Malan Airport, Rand Airport and Jan Smuts Airport as well as events of historical interest for the period January to December 1974 are covered. In addition, the infrastructure at FACT during the period 1974 to 1979 is described. The ex-Autair Sikorsky S-51 registration number ZS-HBT was a familiar site at the Barnetts scrapyard in Salt River near Cape Town.
One of the McDonnell Douglas DC-8s operated by Union de Transportes Aerians was F-BOLI (construction number 45754). The aircraft was bought by UTA on 25 August 1970. The DC-8-55F is seen at Jan Smuts Airport (ICAO code FAJS) on 2 September 1974 (at the freight centre).
This website features a series of articles about specific aircraft registrations. Canso CF-MIR/C-FMIR was based in South Africa for some time to undertake geophysical surveys.
The section FEATURE ARTICLES includes an article on the history of aviation in Springbok in the Northern Cape. This article includes a summary of Namakwaland Lugdiens.
An airshow and fly-in was held at Air Force Base Overberg in the Southern Cape over the weekend of 25/26 November 2005. The airshow was held on the 26th. In this view Stu Davidson's Sea Fury is seen on 26 November in front of the control tower.
Cape Town was one of the staging bases used by Boeing EC-135Ns during the Apollo space program and other test programs. Consequently some of these aircraft were occasionally seen at DF Malan Airport (ICAO code FACT). See the article titled Boeing EC-135N at DF Malan Airport for more details as well as the Gallery section (Airfields, airports and heliports WESTERN CAPE; DF Malan Airport).
Single-engine aircraft from South Africa and  Southern Africa feature in the articles. This image illustrates a Reims/Cessna FR172J (Rocket)  registered in the old Rhodesia.


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