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Military Museum Fort Bloemfontein

This museum is situated in Bloemfontein in the Free State. Apart from canons, armoured cars and other items of military equipment, an Impala Mk I, Impala Mk II and Mirage IIIRZ are also displayed. If you are in the vicinity of Bloemfontein and would like to see examples of fairly modern SAAF aircraft, I recommend that you go to this museum. Details and photographs of the aircraft may be found in the articles about the aviation tour undertaken in November 2005.

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AvDex offers you the ability to look up details such as type name, constructor’s number and date of registration of ZS- and ZU-registered aircraft. This service is free of charge, but you need to register. Additional data is available at an annual subscription fee.

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Robin DW Norton

Visit his site for general articles and images from the 1970s to 2006. These include images taken in Spain as well as photographs taken in the early 1970s in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa. Military as well as civilian aircraft are featured. Captions are provided for most of the images. There is much more, such as Farnborough in 1972 and 2004. Robin also does work on a commission basis.

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Peter Riool

This is a great site for doing research about the identities of individual airliners. Airbus, Boeing, Convair and Douglas production lists are provided. Much of the information about airliner identities on Aviationpics.co.za has been gleaned from Peter’s site.

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43 Air School

43 Air School offers 60 years of experience in pilot training at its flying school at Port Alfred in South Africa.

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